Nina Hartley's Guide To Great Sex During Pregnancy (2008)

Nina Hartley’s Guide To Great Sex During Pregnancy (2008)

Genre: Adult
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With attitudes toward sex and pregnancy having changed over the years, the consensus is that, as long as the pregnancy is considered low-risk, and both partners are willing, sex poses no particular hazard to either the woman or her baby. We invite you to join Nina Hartley for a very special installment of her sex guide series Nina Hartley’s Guide To Great Sex During Pregnancy. Ms. Noname Jane, well along in her second pregnancy, joins Nina to answer questions on the minds of other couples awaiting the new arrival. With help from the father-to-be, Violet demonstrates various positions that they find exciting and comfortable. Nina and Tiffany Mynx, also in advanced pregnancy for the second time, perform a variety of sexual acts that you and your partner can both enjoy while providing helpful tips to promote intimacy and achieve maximum mutual satisfaction.